Terms Conditions

1. Which you have made after booking the order, will not refund later.

2. If there is any mistake of company or problem in product , then the company will exchange the product, but the company will not refund the payment of the product and customer has to re-courier the product by their own amount.

3. The company will resend or exchange the product only when the customer will order new product , then with the order of new product ,company will send old product.

4. when the address of customer is incomplete and due to this incomplete address when product come back to company than also this policy will apply.

5. Product will dispatch between 7-10 working days.

6. No return and exchange policy

7. Message of product confermation will be between 2 days after your order.

8. Mahakaal store didn’t have their qqwn courier services , we send all the parcels and products through third party courier, and the delivery boy is also from third party courier , the delivery executive is only responsible to delivered the closed or packed parcel . The customer should not receive open parcel ,incase if customer receive open parcel then mahakaal store is not responsible for the product.

9. The delivery boy/ delivery executive is not responsible for bringing the product back from customer. He is only for delivery of product ,the customer should not return the product to delivery executive, incase if customer will return the product back to delivery boy , then the customer is responsible for this, we will not help you in this case, we are not responsible for this.

10. The product which the customer has select from our website and the size which the customer has placed the order for , only that same product and size according to the information given by customer will be given or dispatched by us.

11. If customer fills wrong information like (size, color,quantity, product type) at the time of placing the order, the he/she will get the same product according to his/her information , in this case company has no any responsibility and we will not change the product.

12. Company has No return policy (The order which customer placed , he/she will get the same product).

13. If company send you wrong product and if there is any mistake and if the product has any mistake through company size, then the company will exchange the product , and for this customer himself has to re-courier the product through their own courier charges to companies address , the customer has to pay amount of courier ,and when the company get the product back then only company will send or exchange new product to customer’s address.

14. Sold goods will not be return in any condition.

15.we are not responsible for those customers who ordered from hotel, guest room and hostels, because we want stable customers those customers who changes their place or those who always travels from one place to another , so we are not be responsible for it , if they didn’t get their product delivery at same place where they order.

16. Company is not responsible for delivery of product within 7 days , the product delivery is done through third party courier, so we are not responsible for delivering the product within 7-10 days, we are not commiting the proper timing

17. The delivery boy first go to the place where the address mentioned and if the address is wrong then only the delivery boy make the call.

18. We are providing the delivery of product from third party courier, the delivery companies are dtdc , fedex , Aramex , e-com express , Indian post etc.The delivery boy of the company will make the call to customer to 3-4 times at the time of delivering the product and after all this the customer is outside the hometown and will not be able to receive the product , then the delivery company will hold the product for 2-3 days , after doing all this and then also customer is not receiving the parcel , then that parcel will get back to sender company ,and after receiving the product we will not send it back to customer, but then also if customer want the product then customer has to make the delivery charges onces again.

19. If any of the customer upload their photo on mahakaal store’s website or in App. , then that photo can be used by mahakaal storein any of the social networks like website, facebook, youtube etc. we can used that pic without asking to customer and customer cannot claim it in future.

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